"All four tracks on Plastic are excellent. The gorgeous melodies and pulsing rhythms present full-strength concord, while Violet Rose’s voice has to be heard to be appreciated."

The Huffington Post- 11/6/2017

"Violet Rose has risen to become an explosive force in music."

The Indie Source 11/6/2017

"Los Angeles- based electro-pop artist is dubbed as the Superhero Pop artist."

Elitze Muzik- 10/31/2017

"Violet Rose is clearly a friend to the EDM community."

Your EDM- 10/30/2017

"Her flair as a performing artist and musical talent are sure to lift up the spirits of many. Not only is her skill apparent, but her appreciation for the musical medium is profound as well."

Punchland- 1/20/2017