Los Angeles artist Violet Rose is without question, a force. She is in a category of her own. When looking for a superhero in music, she represents the unthinkable. She is beyond this world. She combines future electronic pop with her powerful, timeless voice. One need only to listen to hear the unwavering battles she has faced. Violet comes into her own when she delivers each performance. You will witness light battling the darkness. Violet. Is. Light. Watching and hearing her undeniable emotion elicits hope in her audience. Her set takes you on Violet Rose’s journey.

To understand Violet, it is best to know where her story began. You could say Violet was meant to be music’s messenger when she was born. She was raised in a creative, musical family in western Pennsylvania. Population? A staggering 7,000. A town where everyone knew everyone’s past and present. Violet had dreams that seemed preposterous and unattainable to most. 

Violet’s household had music and love constantly flowing through each room. From hearing her mother teach flute, voice and piano, her brother playing guitar and drums, her twin sister singing and practicing her choreography, music was obviously in her DNA. She was growing up great and listening. Listening to Sade, Aliyah, Janis, and Billie. “The singers I adore the most, are the vocalists that can make you feel their raw pain when they sing.” Knowing what her aspirations were, she knew she faced a long and difficult path ahead. Violet knew in her heart what she wanted and knew the hard work and dedication that was necessary for it to come into fruition. Countless hours of voice lessons, piano instruction, theory, musical theater, dance classes; these were the tools of those in the performing arts performing arts. She immersed herself in these crafts. Watching performers that dominated the stage like Michael Jackson and Beyonce inspired. Feeling chills down her spine listening to the iconic Koko Taylor and Etta James, Violet knew what type of artist she wanted to become. She has always had a love for expressive, ornate melody but found most interesting when these melodies were draped over a heavy and dominating beat.  

Eventually this singer’s journey led her to music school in Boston. Violet was not only looking at the aspects of refining performance but also focusing on the business of music. After Boston Violet toured and gained unvaluable experience. She performed in diverse genres from jazz, soul, pop, and R&B. Now she channels modern artists such as; Halsey, Banks, & Beyonce. Violet has an incredible support system even at those times when she felt like she lost her way. Her brother, band member, and songwriting partner, was by her side every step, turn, and tumble of the way. It is an understatement to write that Vince Cuneo and Violet have been through everything together. What is a superhero without a sidekick? No, Vince Cuneo is much, much more. He is the single most defining influence. Vince has been there from the very beginning. With each performance, Violet grew stronger as an artist. She has been writing mountains of lyrics about everything she has faced on her musical journey and constantly perfecting her vocal craft. She released her first music video, “Working Hard”, directed by Dave Prokopec, in 2015. This is the start of the superhero’s journey where Violet is in search of a secret necklace that will lead her to her powers. Violet represents a positive, strong female voice and presence that is desperately needed in music today. “Working Hard” is a song that was recorded with her team in New York City. Most recently Violet Rose finished her first E.P. with Grammy award winning producers including Jeremy McDonald (Beyonce) & Ryan Gilligan (Kanye West). Her new music video “Turn Me On” and first E.P. “Plastic” dropped at the end of 2017.

Early fans enjoyed watching Violet searching for her power and fighting for her voice. Now we will witness her coming into her own with her next release. Violet finds her power. Violet Rose now lives in Los Angeles where she makes her mark in a music market rich with many fine musicians and artists. Her “Rosebuds”, as she calls her fans, give her the endless support and the love that she needs to fight every day for the dreamers that feel paralyzed by their own apprehensions and misgivings. “I told myself I would never give anyone my power. I would never be weak again.” Violet hopes to transmit that cosmic control to her Rosebuds. This superhero of an artist is the future of music.